Tapir Lab. @IEEE Turkey Section Science Awards 2019 Ceremony

The IEEE Turkey Section Science Awards 2019 Ceremony which was postponed to the end of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic was held on October 3rd, 2020 at IEEE Turkey Section Official YouTube Channel. IEEE Turkey Section wanted to congratulate success and encourage scientists even under pandemic conditions. Additionally, the IEEE Turkey Section hosted two distinguished guests; IEEE President-Elect 2020 Susan Kathy Land and Awards Board Vice Chair Karen Panetta. After the presentations of guests, ten scientists have been awarded in Lifetime Achievement, Exemplary Service, Research Encouragement, and Dissertation categories. IEEE Turkey Section PDEA Coordinator and Tapir Lab.’s Director Assoc. Prof Serhan Yarkan has presented one of the Dissertation Awards to Dr. Hamideh Ramezani whose Dissertation is titled Communication Theoretical Foundations of Nervous System. You can watch the entire ceremony on the YouTube Channel of the IEEE Turkey Section. List of awards and awardees are also listed below.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Prof. Bülent Sankur
  • Exemplary Service Award – Prof. Engin Erzin
  • Research Encouragement Award – Assistant Prof. Ercüment Çiçek
  • Research Encouragement Award – Prof. Hazım Ekenel
  • Research Encouragement Award – Associate Prof. Sedat Nizamoğlu
  • Dissertation Award – Dr. M. Furkan Keskin
    • Dissertation Title: Visible Light Positioning Systems: Fundamental Limits, Algorithms and Resource Allocation Approaches
  • Dissertation Award – Dr. Hamideh Ramezani
    • Dissertation Title: Communication Theoretical Foundations of Nervous System
  • Dissertation Award – Assistant Prof. Semiha Tedik Başaran
    • Dissertation Title: Relaying Opportunities for Wireless Networks by Applying Network Coding
  • Dissertation Award – Dr. Hasan Uluşan
    • Dissertation Title: Ultra-Low Power Interface Electronics Design for Fully Implantable Cochlear Implants
  • Dissertation Award – Dr. Farshad Miramirkhani
    • Dissertation Title: Channel Modelling and Characterization for Visible Light Communications: Indoor Vehicular and Underwater Channels