PI of ISTEC @Tapir Lab.

Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Ali Aydın, the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Internet of Things (IoT) Security Test and Evaluation Center (ISTEC) project, which is funded by Istanbul Development Agency, was at Tapir Lab. and hosted in a TapirCast session.

Upon his recent TV interview aired on TVNet (a national broadcast station) in a TechTalk show hosted by Erdal Nalbant, Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Ali Aydın provided critical pieces of information mainly focusing on cybersecurity, IoT, education, and future visions regarding emerging technologies.

Tapir Lab. would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Ali Aydın for his visit and wish him success in ISTEC and other upcoming projects.

The interview (in Turkish) is aired online and could be accessed on Tapir Lab.’s official social media accounts and the links below: