Real-time Data Transmission with Visible Light Technology for Mobile Platforms.

  • Submission for this project has been done. The project will start soon.


In this project, a transceiver circuit design will be implemented with a standard laser diode (LD) and light dependent resistance (LDR) (may be solar panel or phototransistor), which performs real-time data transfer with Visible Light Technology via laser beams. Visible Light Technology is a wireless optical communication system, which is used to illuminate in principle, carrying information by modulating the wavelengths of light that can be distinguished by the human eye in the light spectrum. The system which will be designed on an embedded system consisting algorithms from the transceiver circuits, the communication system and the processing protocol, which provide wireless optical communication in real time. The purpose of the project is to establish a communication with LDs and LDRs to supply the need for high speed and security requirements in local area networks and data transfers.