Tapir Lab. – IEEE Türkiye Seminar hosted by CARIT

IEEE Türkiye Chair, Dr. Nizamettin Aydın, Assumes His Inaugural Keynote at Istanbul Commerce University

Istanbul, April 26th, 2024 – Dr. Nizamettin Aydın, Elected Chair of IEEE Türkiye for 2024-2025, delivered his inaugural keynote address at Istanbul Commerce University’s Kucukyali Campus, hosted by the Center for Applied Research and Information Technologies. Dr. Aydın commenced his talk with a comprehensive overview of the IEEE organization and its multifaceted contributions to the field. In the second part of his talk, Dr. Aydın provided underlying concepts and key points in biomedical signal processing, elucidating fundamental techniques and methodologies crucial to the predictive analysis of strokes through quadratic signals. The event was sponsored by Tapir Lab. and ISTEC Cyber Security.