Tapir Lab. @IEEE Türkiye TUAC 2023

Tapir Lab attended the IEEE Türkiye Undergraduate Academic Conference (TUAC) 2023 in Ankara, held from September 2 to 3, 2023. This marked the third annual edition of TUAC, with the event co-sponsored by IEEE Türkiye Professional Development and Educational Activities (PDEA) and hosted by Ankara Science University, continuing the tradition that began in 2021.

Prof. Serhan Yarkan, IEEE Türkiye Climate Change Liaison and IEEE R8 Local Language Ambassador for Turkish delivered the opening speech which mainly focuses on the importance of IEEE organization and possible studies to be carried out in order to tackle local, national, regional and global problems such as earthquakes, fires, and underground mine accidents in the presence of global warming and climate change issues.

Dr. Ali Boyacı who is currently serving as IEEE Türkiye PDEA Vice Chair also attended IEEE Türkiye TUAC 2023 on behalf of IEEE Türkiye PDEA as well.

Tapir Lab. members Sedanur Karabayram and Ahmet Mücahit Yılmaz presented their papers entitled “A Cloud-Based IoT Solution for Home Security Systems Using MQTT” and “An Experimental Setup and Validation For Visible Light Communications,” respectively, at the IEEE Türkiye TUAC 2023 on the first day.

Tapir Lab. @BlackSeaCom 2023!

Tapir Lab. has been at BlackSeaCom 2023, Istanbul, between July 4 and 7, 2023, with three full papers accepted for presentation.
11th International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaCom 2023) which is co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc held at Kadir Has University.

The accepted and presented Tapir Lab. papers in BlakSeaCom 2023 Conference are:

1- Tapir Lab. et al., “Physical Layer Authentication for Uplink IM-OFDMA System”,
2- Tapir Lab. et al., “Adaptive Envelope Detector-Based Phase Fault Detection Method for Power System Grid Distortions”,
3- Tapir Lab. et al., “The Analysis of Hydrogen and Nitrogen Mediums for VLC-Based Downhole Gas Pipe Monitoring System“.

Ali Boyacı, Ph.D., @Sidra Medicine’s Artificial Intelligence and Medicine Conference!

Dr. Ali Boyacı presented his work entitled “Detection of Involuntary Movement with Wearable Technology” at Sidra Medicine’s Artificial Intelligence and Medicine Conference which was held between 11 and 13 May 2023, in Doha, Qatar.

A podcast hosting Ali Boyacı, Ph.D., and discussing the conference was published on Tapir Lab. YouTube channel (in Turkish).

Tapir Lab. @ TEKNOFEST 2023 Digital Technologies in Industry Competition – Advanced Category

Tapir Lab. has completed the final competition of Digital Technologies in Industry Competition – Advanced Category in TEKNOFEST 2023. The fundamental objective of the Digital Technologies in Industry Competition is developing autonomous mobile robots that can transport materials between two pre-determined points by following lines, updating planned route in real time by sensing changes in the environment, and warning the operators in case of an emergency. These are the characteristics of mobile robots used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. After a long preparation phase, Tapir Lab. has participated in the competition with the TapirBot v2.0 which is developed considering the obligations and requirements of the competition.

Tapir Lab. congratulates all the contestants and wishes them success!

Tapir Lab. @Urban Rail Systems and Railways Workshop organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Upon the invitation of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Tapir Lab. presented the studies conducted on signaling and communications at the Urban Rail Systems and Railways Workshop organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on November 22nd, 2022.

TapirCast v3.1 is ON AIR!

TapirCast v3.1 is on air! We are proud to announce that host and guests are represented by a virtual character and their mouth shapes are synchronized as they talk. This audio visualization is developed using Tapir Lab.’s Lip-Sync method which is publicly available on the official GitHub page of Tapir Lab. You can watch the first episode of TapirCast v3.1 below. (in Turkish)

Tapir Lab. received best paper award @BalkanCom’22!

Tapir Lab. proudly announce that the best paper award in Fifth International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking (BalkanCom 2022) is given to Tapir Lab. member Sezer Can Tokgöz, who is currently carrying out his research @Qualcomm, for his work entitled “On the Physical Layer Security of Maximal-Ratio Combining Over Weibull Fading Channels”. Tapir Lab. wish him success in the future!