An Animated Video on Base-b Notation is ON AIR!

Tapir Lab. is excited to announce that the an animated video explaining fundamentals of Base-b notation, representation of natural numbers and base conversion have published on the Tapir Lab. YouTube channel! Tapir Lab. will host animated explanations of numerous topics in physics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science by utilizing open source visualization tools. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes! This video is sponsored by Bil101, and visit for further information along with many other explanatory text (in Turkish).

This video introduces the fundamentals of Base-b notation of natural numbers. It discusses the key concepts of base, digit, numeral, and symbol as well as the rationale regarding how all concepts come together and are interpreted as a single natural number. The discussion includes important representations such as decimal, octal, binary, and hexadecimal notations or systems along with examples.

This video is sponsored by Bil101. Content of this video along with many other explanatory text could be found at Bil101.