Remote Control of Small-Scale Mechanical Devices via Acoustic Energy

Project Tag

  • Project Code: YAPKO 2015-02-002
  • Project Start Date: 16 April 2015
  • Project Due Date: 16 September 2016


This project aims to develop and implement a digital wireless acoustic communications system protocol in order to remotely control a small-scale electro-mechanical device. The wireless transceivers along with the protocol to be developed itself all will be implemented on an embedded system. After implementing the transceivers which will operate according to the protocol to be designed, the embedded system will be integrated with the small-scale electro-mechanical device so that it could be remotely controlled via acoustic energy.


Application for the patent of the algorithm ( A Novel Non-DDs Waveform Generation Technique ) which was developed for the IOTA project has been sent to the Department of Techology Tranfer Office (TTO) of Istanbul Commerce University.