E-mail Etiquette

Common rules for exchanging e-mails in a professional way are listed below. Any e-mail that does not abide by these rules will be ignored by most of the professionals.

  1. E-mails should be written in English
  2. Use your neutral/official e-mail account
    • It is highly recommended for you to exchange e-mails via e-mail accounts that are variations of your real name and surname. Nicknames or similar things should not be used.
  3. Provide a descriptive “subject” for your e-mail
    • Any e-mail with an empty subject field will be disregarded
    • Any e-mail without a proper/accurate subject will be disregarded
    • An e-mail should not contain any sort of abbreviations in its subject field
  4. Provide a proper greeting/salutation
  5. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph
    • Please provide all the necessary set of information such as name, surname, and so on.
  6. Write your message into the body of the e-mail in a very concise way
    • Do not use slang in the body of your e-mail
    • Proofread the body of your e-mail at least once
  7. Provide the correct form of leave-taking
  8. Sign your e-mail with your full name and surname
  9. Proofread your entire e-mail before sending it in order to get rid of typos, misspelling, inverted sentences, non-grammatical structures, slang, and so on.